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WSDA Temporary License Policy


The original release regarding the change to temporary licenses was included in the December E-Bulletin (read here). Below are a few questions WSPMA asked on behalf of its membership to ensure we are all compliant with the changes.

  1. Processing Time for Licenses:

Q: Can you provide an estimated timeframe for applicants to receive their official licenses after submitting their completed applications and passing the examination? Knowing the average processing time will help our members plan for any potential gaps in licensing coverage. 

A: After testing is completed, the payments go to our fiscal office for processing. After they are returned to WSDA (which usually takes one business day), staff processes the testing paperwork.

For testing that Olympia staff proctor, it typically takes us two business days after the session for the license to be processed, for those that qualify. Often, an applicant’s license is issued in our system before they even get their score sheet in the mail.

For Moses Lake and Spokane, this process usually takes an additional day or so. For Yakima testing, this takes up to 7 business days because, for some reason, the mail from Yakima goes to Spokane first before being routed to Olympia.

Q: Will individual circumstances, such as license types significantly impact processing times? Clarifying any factors that might influence processing would be helpful for managing expectations.

A: This change affects all license types. There is no justification for allowing the score sheet to act as a temporary license. This was implemented years ago because new licenses and added categories often took over month or more to be issued. This is no longer the case.

The only license types for which other factors come into play are Commercial Applicators and Structural Pest Inspectors that conduct complete inspections because of the financial responsibility and business licensing requirements. Since the temporary license allowance on the score sheet did not apply to those license types anyway, they will not be affected.

2. Applicability to Commercial Operators:

Q: Can you confirm that the new policy applies to all types of pesticide applicators, including commercial operators licensed under RCW Chapter 17.21.110? We want to ensure all our members are aware of the changes and take the necessary steps to comply.

A: Yes, this affects all license types. We will also include this in our beginning speech at testing sessions.

3. Support and Resources:

Q: Will WSDA provide online resources or a tracking system for applicants to monitor the status of their license applications? This would greatly enhance transparency and alleviate administrative burdens on both applicants and the department.

A: A tester should consider their application status as pending if their license hasn’t been issued.

The online License Search tool will reflect a new license. and this is updated four times a day, at 7:00a, 11:00a, 3:00p, and 7:00p. Since we process new licenses and added categories within days of exam sessions, the web tool is the appropriate resource for checking if your license has been issued. That, coupled with the temporary exam results resource, provides for a lot of opportunity for testers to check on the status of their license application.

A license card is not necessary for showing proof of licensure.

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