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January News: Elevating Excellence


Member Call to Action

Good Afternoon,

SB 5972 as written would ban the use of pesticides containing neonicotinoids by all applicators in Washington State. The bill is up for a hearing at 1:30 pm on Thursday, January 11, 2024. 

Link to bill language.

Please sign in opposed by using the following link, or sign up to testify with an example of how you use neonicotinoid products that are necessary tools to manage pests. 

Deadline for signing in or signing up to testify is 9:00am, Thursday January 11, 2024.

Sign in or Testify virtually link.

Act Now - Oppose!

Western Washington Ant ID Registration to Close

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Puyallup, WA

Time is running out! This is your final opportunity to join the Ant ID Lab with Dr. Laurel Hansen on January 13, 2024 at the Allmendinger Center, WSU Puyallup, WA. Immerse yourself in the intricate world of ants, gaining hands-on experience with preserved specimens, dissection microscopes, and identification keys.

Why should you attend? Dr. Hansen, a seasoned biologist with over 50 years of teaching, will be your guide through this exclusive learning experience. Limited to just 24 participants, this workshop offers a unique chance for an intimate and insightful exploration of ant biology.

Invest in your knowledge with a registration fee of $125 for WSPMA Members and $165 for Non-Members. Plus, earn 4 CEUs approved in WA.

Ant ID Lab

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Message from the WSPMA President

Luke Rambo, Rambo Total Pest Control - WSPMA President

Luke Rambo


To my loyal subjects,  

2024 will be the year of Luke! (pounds fist on podium)  …lol, just kidding… 

We, as members of the one and only Washington State Pest Management Association, are a pretty big deal.  Our daily efforts help to keep our communities safer, cleaner, and overall happier places to live, work, and play.  The professionalism we bring to our workplaces and careers also helps to elevate the public’s opinion of the pest management industry as a whole.  I hope each of us wakes up each morning, puts our superhero cape on, and carries the exhilarating feeling throughout the day, knowing that the work we do matters.  We improve the quality of life for our clients, day in and day out.  

For these next 12 months I plan to work on building greater connections within our Association, grow our membership, expand our relationships with our pest-industry partners like WSU, WSDA, WFFFA, and others, and to leave the Association a little better than I found it.  That's always the idea, right?  This is my second go-round on the 4-year WSPMA Board cycle, and one of my goals this year as President will be to expand our potential pool of board members.  That means YOU!  We have a lot of amazing people on the Board, but we can't keep recycling the same names.  So, what can we do to better convey the many benefits of involvement with WSPMA?  I look forward to figuring all that out and getting to know each of you better.... again.  

Our Association can positively impact on a large scale.  I hope to be able to help connect the dots on all the many benefits of WSPMA membership and involvement.  Our interest groups (PWIPM and PestVets) are growing and gaining momentum!  The education committee is always looking for more participants to help guide the efforts and energy of our education events.  Government affairs committee and our SPARs could use your help and involvement too!  You don't have to jump into the deep end with a 4-year commitment of serving on the Board.  You can come to a committee meeting via zoom... attend our Summer Meeting in Leavenworth... the PNWPMC meeting in Hood River is amazing!  When was the last time you invested in your own personal development as a contributing member of this industry?  You work hard and deserve to spoil yourself with a fun excursion and some networking with like-minded pest friends.  Come on out and say hi!  We need your ideas.  Together we are stronger.  As my friends Alex Altizer and Tim Baker say "a rising tide lifts all boats."  I just love that analogy, and it is 100% true!  I look forward to connecting with each of you over these next 12 months.  If there is anything you want to discuss or if you have ideas to share, my door is always open.  Reach out anytime. or call/text at 253-761-6132.      

Legislative Report

Summarized from release by Washington Friends of Farms & Forests

The Washington State Legislature's 60-day session in Olympia starts on January 8, focusing on a supplemental budget. Democrats control the House (58-40) and Senate (29-20). Key dates include January 31 (first cutoff for policy bills) and February 5 (deadline for committee reports). Governor Jay Inslee's 2024 budget proposes utilizing $1 billion in Climate Commitment Act (CCA) revenues, addressing homelessness, fentanyl treatment, and behavioral health. The budget allocates $100 million for the Rapid Capital Housing Acquisition fund and $64 million for fentanyl and opioid response. Inslee supports Washington State Patrol recruitment, paraeducator wage increase, and offsets rising oil prices with a $200 utility bill credit. The session's priority bills cover various topics, including agricultural lands, emissions reduction, campaign finance, recycling, and pollinator habitat. Anticipated bills address organic and compost recycling regulations and pesticide application.

Read the full report

Thank You to Our 2024 Strategic Partners

We would like to extend sincere gratitude to Target Specialty Products, Stone Insulation, and PelGar for their invaluable support as strategic partners of WSPMA for 2024. Their partnership is the bedrock of our ability to secure distinguished speakers, maintain lower registration costs for CEU events and make our education more accessible to our community. Moreover, your involvement brings an elevated professionalism to our association, fostering growth and innovation in pest management. Thank you for being instrumental in our journey towards excellence.

Target Stone Insulation PelGar

Gear Up for Spring with Our Hands-On B&G Workshop

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Everett, WA

The B&G Equipment Rebuild Class offers a comprehensive exploration of equipment maintenance, covering parts identification, disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, and the critical role of calibration. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the intricate components of B&G equipment, along with practical disassembly techniques and thorough cleaning procedures. The class emphasizes the art of reassembly, providing step-by-step guidance to enhance efficiency and reduce the risk of future breakdowns. A key focus is placed on the importance of calibration, showcasing its impact on accuracy, extended equipment lifespan, and minimized downtime. Ultimately, attendees will leave empowered with the knowledge and skills needed for effective equipment maintenance and optimal operational performance. B&G Rebuild

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Pacific Northwest Pest Management Conference

February 22-24, 2024

Hood River, OR

The 2024 Pacific Northwest Pest Management Conference in Hood River, Oregon, promises a dynamic blend of industry insights and practical solutions. Renowned experts like Desiree Straubinger from BASF and Heather Paterson of Control Solutions, Inc., will delve into cutting-edge strategies for rodent, fly, and spider control. An exclusive Business Panel Discussion, featuring leaders like Jim Fredericks, Alex Wheatley, Stuart Aust, and Jeff White, offers invaluable wisdom.

Join the WSPMA General Membership Meeting at the Pacific Northwest Pest Management Conference for a dynamic session. Get insights from the President's Message, committee updates, and a government affairs outlook. Be among the first to explore our new website, enhancing communication and collaboration. Don't miss this opportunity to stay informed, engaged, and connected within the ever-evolving pest management industry.

This conference fosters networking, knowledge exchange, and business growth in the ever-evolving pest management industry.

More Information

WSPMA Launches New Website and Begins Utilizing Management Software

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website,, along with the integration of advanced management software to enhance your experience with WSPMA. As of today, only the Key Contacts  (person/email) listed on the most recent renewal form have had an account created. 

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Event Registration Update
    • Registration for events will now have a fresh look and feel.
    • Members will have the convenience of accessing and updating their profiles directly.
  2. Integration Process
    • As we integrate and ensure all members have access, there might be a transitional period.
    • Your patience is appreciated during this time.
  3. Explore the New Website
    • Navigate through to discover the latest updates, details on upcoming meetings and events, and exclusive resources tailored for WSPMA members.
    • Exciting news and features await you!
  4. Seamless Updates
    • The integration of our membership database with the website directory ensures seamless updates to your profile and online event registration.
  5. Enhanced Features
    • Explore the enhanced features designed to elevate your experience within our community.

We encourage you to take a moment to explore the new website and familiarize yourself with the improved registration process.

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in the WSPMA community. We're confident that these enhancements will contribute to a more seamless and enjoyable experience for all our members.

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