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Legislative Updates

Summarized from release by Washington Friends of Farms & Forests

The legislative update from February 16, 2024, highlights several bills related to pesticides and environmental management.

  1. SB 5915/HB 2454: These bills extend an existing hazardous substance tax exemption for certain agricultural crop protection products until January 1, 2036. They passed in both chambers.
  2. SB 5972: Concerns the use of neonicotinoid pesticides. Amendments were made to remove restrictions, allowing neonics for agricultural applications and licensed situations. It passed in the Senate and is scheduled for further consideration in the House.
  3. HB 2301: Aims to improve waste material management systems, establishing grant programs for food waste reduction and amending organic material collection requirements. It passed the House.
  4. HB 2302: Seeks to extend the pesticide application safety committee, focusing on data collection and database development regarding pesticides. It passed the House and is referred to Labor & Commerce.

Additionally, the update mentions other bills related to environmental issues, such as carbon market linkage and emissions reduction from various sources. Some bills are noted as "dead," meaning they won't progress further in this session. These include bills addressing property tax reform, transportation electrification, greenhouse gas emissions, and solid waste management outcomes.

Read the full updates from Washington Friends of Farms & Forests here.

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