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The World of Urban Rats


Delving into the World of Urban Rats: A Virtual Workshop with Dr. Maureen Murray

Are you interested in learning more about the fascinating yet often misunderstood world of urban rats? Join Dr. Maureen Murray, Wildlife Disease Ecologist at Lincoln Park Zoo's Urban Wildlife Institute, for a virtual workshop hosted by the Washington State Pest Management Association (WSPMA). This comprehensive course will explore the multifaceted impacts of rats on both human populations and urban wildlife through the lens of the Chicago Rat Project.

A One Health Approach to Understanding Rats

Dr. Murray, with her expertise in urban ecology and a One Health approach, will guide you through the intricate connections between human and environmental health in the context of rat management. You'll gain valuable insights into:

  • The impacts of rats on people: Discover the potential health risks associated with rats, including diseases like leptospirosis, and explore strategies for preventing transmission.
  • Public awareness and exposure: Understand how public perception and behavior can influence rat populations and the spread of diseases. Learn about the risks associated with exposure to rat waste and infections in dogs, and explore the potential impact on mental health and well-being.
  • The impact of rodent control: Delve into the complexities of managing rat populations through various methods, including the use of anticoagulant rodenticides. Examine the potential risks and unintended consequences for both rats and other urban wildlife.
  • Engagement and recommendations: Explore effective strategies for improving rat management through community engagement, understanding public perception and addressing barriers. Gain valuable recommendations for implementing sustainable and One Health-focused solutions.

This workshop is ideal for

  • Pest management professionals
  • Public health officials
  • Community members interested in urban ecology and wildlife
  • Anyone curious about the world of rats and their impact on our lives

Don't miss this opportunity to

  • Learn from a leading expert in the field of urban wildlife disease ecology.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with rat management.
  • Contribute to building more sustainable and effective solutions for human-wildlife coexistence.

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