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Member Benefits
Educational Discounts

Receive up to a 20% discount per attendee for WSPMA sponsored seminars.

The WSPMA strives to provide seminars that satisfy 15 credit hours per year.



The WSPMA Membership is comprised of 200+ Pest Managmeent Professionals that you can share experiences and concepts with and ask for guidance.

Legislative Support

The WSPMA stays ahead of regulatory updates and proposed changes at the state level.


The WSPMA has had an impact on the ergonomics rule and licensing of Home Inspectors.


The Department of Agriculture and the WSPMA worked closely to develop and write the standards for Wood Destroying Organism reports, and the WSPMA WDO form is standard around the state.

The WSPMA has advised our legislatures on the overtime rule changes.

Currently the WSPMA is in close contact with the WSDA regarding testing changes.

The WSPMA Board worked together with NPMA to ensure that pest management was deemed an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ethics Standard Accountability

We believe there is a higher standard and we expect every Member to adhere to those (review WSPMA Ethics Standards)


Seminars for Field Personnel and Business Owners

A seminar topics range from biology and treatment methods to employment, practices, regulations and insurance needs.

For field personnel the WSPMA has had Bobby Corrigan, Jeffery Tucker, Dini Miller, Laurel Hansen and more out. Each year record attendance is set.

Business owners have been provided seminars with topics of overtime rule changes, contracts, insurance and mergers and acquisitions.


Benevolent Fund

The WSPMA established the Benevolent Fund to assist our Membership in times of need. Members will be notified in the Snapshot Newsletter as to how the fund are distributed. All contributions are voluntary.

Purposeful Fund

The Purposeful Fund was established to help with licensing, education, marketing, etc. All uses will be voted and approved by the Board.

Discounts from our Vendors

Enjoy discounts on products, insurance, vehicles, merchant services and more.

Monthly Electronic Newsletter

Keeps our Members up to date discussing the most recent happenings.

Discount for Vendors

Our Allied Members (Vendors) receive 50% discounts on advertising rates in our newsletter. In addition, we offer incredible savings on our booth sponsorship at seminars.

Additional Benefits

The WSPMA is a supporter of the Washington Friends of Farms and Forests (WFFF) and the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA).

All Members have access and are encouraged to use the WSPMA logo.

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