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Diversity Committee

The WSPMA believes diversity and inclusion are more than just words. They are the principles by which our Association conducts business so that our Members can better cultivate open-minded strong leaders who will better not only their business, but also our industry as a whole. The WSPMA Diversity Committee has been formed to foster an open conversation around equality and opportunity for all segments of the population.  

Our Commitment
  • Focusing on a culture of fairness and equality consistent with our Association's values. 

  • Creating avenues that encourage our Members to exercise their voices to make the WSPMA become an even better organization. 

  • Educate Members about the benefits of diversity within the industry. 

  • Provide tools for Members to increase diversity within their organizations. 

Professional diversity network (pdn)

Looking to diversify your new hire pool, check out the largest diversity network in the country. 

NPMA Diversity Council

NPMA has many resources that can help any company diversify. 

JBLM Opportunities

unlimited facebook page

Using social media to attract new hires? This is a valuable resource to reach local military veterans.

We are looking to expand the reach of this committee and to do that we need your ideas and involvement! If you would like to get involved please reach out to committee chair Luke Rambo at

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