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Helping The Community

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Donation Opportunities
Laurel Hansen Entomology Fund

Dr Laurel Hansen has made a career out of advancing the collective knowledge of people in our industry and in our association.  Long-time industry leaders Kurt Treftz and Terry Whitworth have worked with folks at Washington State University to initiate what will become an endowed scholarship in her name.  This is very exciting news and this effort has the full support of the Washington State Pest Management Association! 

Donations made through the 50 / 50 Raffle Donation link go towards the WSPMA Hood River 50/50 raffle. The winner will receive 50% of the funds raised and the other 50% will be donated to the Laurel Hansen Scholarship through WSU. The winner will be drawn during the WSPMA General Membership Meeting in Hood River (February 24, 2023). $5 donated = 1 raffle entry.

Operation Gratitude

The Washington State Unit of PestVets is giving back to military and first responders in the first quarter of 2023 by assembling paracord lanyards to go into Operation Gratitude care packages. All who serve use paracord, which gets its name from parachute cord and can hold up to 550 pounds of weight. The lanyard provides 5 feet of cord that can be used in an emergency. WSPMA has pledged to put together 500 paracords by March. Your donation will help purchase the paracords for assembling. 

WSPMA Benevolent Fund

WSPMA collects donations for a Benevolent Fund. These funds are then used to help support and comfort members in their time of need. A small donation goes a long way to brightening someone's day.

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