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Below you will find documents and additional resources to provide you background in preparation for voting during our Fall Membership Meeting (August 22).


As stated in the Bylaws, each active State Member firm is qualified for one (1) vote. If you do not plan on attending the General Membership Meeting (August 22, 2020), please feel free to vote by mail.

Bylaw Change Regarding Dues Structure



Section 1: Establishment

Dues and assessments shall be established by a majority vote of the Membership at a duly constituted meeting whereas the Board of Directors will provide input and proposals for upcoming dues. Tiered dues on based on annual pest control gross receipts and shall be broken down as follows:






The Membership dues shall not increase more than 5% in any given year and can be adjusted at the discretion of the Board which shall report to the Membership at the annual meeting.     


Explanation of need for restructuring the dues from the Executive Officer  

The health of any Association is the consistency and forward looking attitude by the Board, Members, and Staff.

Dues for the WSPMA were at $125.00 in 2005. An increase to $150.00 took place in 2008. Then in 2017 dues were at $175.00.

Mergers and acquisitions have impacted the dues structure as where there were 10 companies paying state dues, there are now 4. Online webinars and approved CEU courses have moved many away from our seminars and training classes. Large companies are doing “in house” training thus again taking away from attendance to said classes. Home Inspectors made up 62% of the Association roster in 2005. Today they are 16%.


As we continue down the road it is critical we maintain an adequate funding mechanism that ensures that staff is properly compensated. Current payment to staff is $2566.00 per month between two people.  While the hours and time vary throughout the year, it works out to be $8.02 per hour/per person, based on a 40 hour work week with no benefits allowed. It has long been the rule of thumb that the rate of compensation for staff is equal to annual dues. Minor additional costs should be considered as well. The WSPMA also pays $400.00 per month for office space.


To continue to attract attendees to the Fall Seminars and smaller training classes, we should be keeping these costs efficient and timely. Increasing the dues structure, to the proposed levels, could allow flexibility to help offset costs to maintain that affordability level. While Vendor support has been key to making these events possible, there is no certainty that it will always be the case. The most recent threat to public health has impacted many events throughout the world and we just can’t be sure what the future holds. To have the education portion of this Association decline any further, we lose out on the ability to attend NPMA events which has been in effect for decades. Education funds keep the gears turning.

The design of the proposed dues restructuring is to be fair to smaller operators and graduate costs for those companies doing well in Washington. The dues are for revenue within the State, not company wide. With a bylaw change factoring in the flexibility of annual % increases assures that the financial stability of the WSPMA is secure for years into the future.

The Board supports and recommends these changes

Annual Revenue

Up to $200,000

$200,001 to $500,000

$500,001 to $750,000

$750,001 to $1,000,000

$1,000,000 to $2,500,000

$2,500,001 to $5,000,000

Over $5,000,000


WSPMA Annual Dues









Joint State Partner with NPMA
In 2016 the WSPMA was presented with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). One of the main focuses of the MOU was that all WSPMA Members would be required to join NPMA or not be permitted to be a Member of the WSPMA. The Board spent countless months in discussions with NPMA, WSPMA past presidents and Membership deciding on the best path forward to protect our (WSPMA) Members. Ultimately, WSPMA Membership voted against the acceptance of the MOU in March of 2017. At that time, the WSPMA was no longer accepted as a Joint State Partner with NPMA. 
As time went on, both Associations have realized the importance and value of working together. Again, the Board and NPMA leadership talked through feelings, emotions, goals and more to reach and end goal of a united stance. Below you will find testimonial from past presidents, WSPMA leadership as well as resources on NPMA benefit programs and the amended MOU. 
Revisiting Our Relationship with NPMA - written by Luke Rambo (past WSPMA President)

This is the continuation of the story over the past couple years after WSPMA Membership voted to reject the MOU (as presented in April 2016) on March 3, 2017.   

In April 2018, NPMA reached out to WSPMA regarding changes to the Joint State Partner program, including a new dues structure. 

In January 2019, the WSPMA Board reached out to NPMA asking for a conversation to begin “mending the fences” between our Associations.  Between various emails, conference calls, and phone calls, it became clear that both Associations were interested in reconnecting in one form or another. 

During the Pacific Northwest Pest Management Conference (PNWPMC)in Hood River, the WSPMA Board presented to Membership the concept of an informal but deliberate connection between our Associations.  There was positive feedback immediately from the group in attendance at that meeting, which encouraged further exploration of our alignment with NPMA. 

Communication continued between the WSPMA Board and NPMA through the summer of 2019. During our Leavenworth meeting the WSPMA Board again presented the concept that the current WSPMA President would be the state liaison with the Director of Membership at NPMA in order to remain in regular contact, share rosters, and bring awareness to any hot-plate issues between state and national industry-related news. 

During the WSPMA winter business meeting in December 2019 we continued this conversation and announced that NPMA CEO, Dominique Stumpf, would be attending the upcoming PNWPMC in Hood River.  The WSPMA Board then worked together to formulate a proposal that would be presented to NPMA to further bridge the gap and possibly open the path toward WSPMA being a Joint State partner with NPMA again.    

This proposal was presented via email and ultimately amended by NPMA to give new/first-time NPMA companies a complimentary year of membership followed by a second year at half price. The idea was to show the value of membership to those companies which were on the fence. A meeting was scheduled with Dominique and WSPMA Board at Hood River in February 2020, during which we all discussed these concepts in greater detail, made a few additional adjustments, and finally agreed in principle to the plan that will be voted on in August 2020 at Leavenworth.

The WSPMA Board's Statement - written by Mark Lee (current WSPMA President)

After much discussion and debate we as the Board of the WSPMA have come to the conclusion that we are better off joining with the NPMA than not joining. The NPMA has made many changes over the last few years that have helped mend the fence so to speak and we feel we are better off joining and taking advantage of what is offered by NPMA.

This has become clear as we have worked with the NPMA during this pandemic and the wealth of knowledge and contacts that they have on a national level that helped keep us working during this time.

NPMA Benefits Available to Joint State Partners









The Board supports and recommends these changes

NEW NPMA_Flyer Final (2)_Page_2.jpg
A message from NPMA CEO Dominque Stumpf
A message from NPMA CEO
NPMA President's message to WSPMA Members
NPMA President's message
Vice President Nominations

Randy Moffat, Western Exterminators 

How long have you been in the industry?
I have been in the pest industry for 26 years. I have worked for Small “mom and pop shop” pest control and for large corporate companies. I have a diverse understanding of companies. I have been a technician, sales person and in management. I have also received my ACE certification throughout my years in the industry.

Why you like what you do?
I love the fact that I get to help people solve problems. I enjoy training and developing people to be self problem solvers to help people and improve the industry.  Make it better.... be you and your good.

Who are you and why do you do what you do?
I am a husband and proud father of 4. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have settled down here with my family.

Why do you want to give back?
I Remember back when first got involved with pest control , I would come  to classes at Van Water Rogers (Univer/Veseris) and I learned so much more from those classes then what my company would teach me through other people’s experiences.
I want to be able to share with the next generation and give back like those that taught the classes back then and helped me learn and become the dedicated servant I am today.


The Board recommends this nomination

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